Photos with Dani and 3rd House Media

I only wish I was here for this one. 3rd House Media's Jermaine Jarrett was contacted to grab pictures by the beautiful and talented Dani Kristo. It was down in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida on a warm beautiful day. We spoke before the shoot and he was excited about it. Honestly when it comes to photography we all get excited and but our best caps on (figuratively of course) and we do the best job that we can. Not out of obligation but out of the love of the craft. The goal was to do a good photoshoot and have a good time and that was accomplished. I'm working on editing the pictures now since Jermaine took them but he wants to edit a few also. It adds a different feel to the entirety of each project we do some none of The Wandering Trio mind assisting. 


Things have slowed down a bit and we can get some editing done and networking which is something I really like to do. It's funny how different my brothers and I are. 







Photographer: Jermaine Jarrett

Model: Dani Kristo

Editor: Jamal Jarrett